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What Makes Speak Different?

What Makes Speaknow Different?

We use automated scoring and advanced technology. This makes our test fast, fair, and affordable, and gives more accurate results.

Innovations in Testing

Our test combines state-of-the-art AI with expert linguistics research. We assess natural speech and writing, and are the only test on the market to do so.

Meets an International Standard

The Speaknow Assessment is the only test of its kind aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR), the most widely accepted scale of proficiency. This means that our test results speak worldwide.


We test the areas of language most important for communication: reading, listening, and natural written and spoken language.


Our low costs mean that individuals can get the certification they need, and large companies and universities can all of their applicants.


Access our test at any time, in any place, on any device connected to the internet.


English is spoken all over the world, by people with many accents. We measure how clear your speech is, not which accent you use. AI scoring provides less bias than human grading.

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Technology and Linguistics

The Speaknow Assessment uses cutting-edge technology and the talents of an expert linguistics team. We combine the advantages of human research and AI. The result? A test with the best of both worlds. Some exams grade automatically, but they cannot accurately score natural language. Our test is the only on the market which tests natural speech and writing to be both fast and cost-effective.

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Results You Can Trust

Speaknow makes sure that your scores are similar to those of more expensive tests. We check that results are consistent and fair.