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The Test

Our test combines cutting-edge AI with advanced linguistics research, in order to give you the most accurate and fastest results available on the market.

Test Structure

Our adaptive assessment is developed through examples of real life speech and with the best available research. Our test examines natural communication through freely spoken and written English, using questions and topics which could occur in day-to-day life.

The first section assesses a general level, and the results of this part are not considered as part of the score, but they determine what kind of questions will be asked and at what level.

Once our test has determined the level, it uses that information to test four key skill groups in English language, depending on the customer’s needs: Speech, Writing, Listening, and Reading.


Effective speech in the workplace and at school is not just about correct grammar and high level words. We use naturally spoken responses to test for range of vocabulary, accuracy, fluency, and pronunciation. The questions are about daily life, experiences, and opinions.


Almost all jobs, and certainly all academic work, requires writing. Our test examines clarity, vocabulary, frequency of spelling and grammatical errors, and composition flow of an open answer. Questions ask test takers to respond to familiar or unfamiliar topics, and see how well they can express themselves.


More important than the ability to read is the ability to comprehend and analyze. Our test assesses the ability to understand what is written and extract messages from text, as well as noting correct forms of composition.


Being able to understand what is being said in a meeting or lecture is necessary to success in school and at work. We check ability to follow a conversation and understand messages others are conveying.

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The Scoring

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Test result

The Report

Our report features an overall score and a score of 1-6 for each individual ability, corresponding to CEFR level. The scores show individual strengths and weaknesses. All the information is in one place, and shows you a breakdown of each skill. The overall score also features a CEFR equivalent, and an easily interpretable scale of 20-120.

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Results You Can Trust

Speaknow makes sure that your scores are similar to those of more expensive tests. We check that results are consistent and fair.