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Fit for all industries

Fit for All Industries

Whether you're looking to assess English skills for call centers, BPOs, universities, schools or HR/recruitment, Speak has got you covered.

Select the industry that describes your requirements best to learn how you can benefit from our assessment.

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Speak for Business
Speak for Business

Finding the right candidate is hard enough, but finding them with a high level of spoken English is even harder. Make the recruitment process smoother by leaving the heavy lifting to us. Simply send your candidates our exam and see the results for yourself in minutes.

Speak for Education
Speak for Education

Academic study requires long hours and commitment from students and faculty in order to succeed. Those hours become longer when language is a barrier. Reduce the risk down the line and assess your students’ English abilities now.

Speak for Call-centers
Speak for Call Centres and Other BPOs

When dealing with international customers, a high level of English could make or break a sale. Test your candidates in bulk with our innovative testing solution.